Friday, January 29th

Swing Goth

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Swing Goth is what happens when rock-a-billy meets goth, and is peppered with a little blues, waltzing and a healthy portion of dirty dancing... all to modern music.

Voted Best of the Bay in 2009, and about to enter its third year in existence, Swing Goth decided it was time to go Bi. Coastal that is. Come learn how to dance with a partner from the ground up.

Don't know how to dance? No problem, the night will begin with drop-in, lessons in Basic Partner Dancing (included in admission) from 11pm-12am. The dancing starts around midnight!

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That's it, dancing to fabulous music, surrounded by fabulous people. If you're a fabulous people and you like to be around and dance with other fabulous people, come on down and check the place out!

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and earlier:

KISSK13 - 9:30
Space Cushions - 8:45
Unholy Thirst - 8:00

Doors @ 7:00 PM

For all info regarding this show please contact
Nicki Camp