Vol. 14 No. 40
Oct. 3-9, 2001

The Best of Manhattan - Entertainment

Best Live Metal cover night

Rock Candy Presents "Bitch" Night at Don Hill's
511 Greenwich St. (Spring St.)

Heavy Melon Music. We thought it was really cool when we first heard about the punk rock karaoke night at Arlene Grocery every Monday. We were even more stoked when we heard they changed it to punk/metal. We totally got off when we were able to get up onstage with the band and sing a Judas Priest song with guys who could almost play the songs. Then we got beat up by a 6-2 blonde with melons bigger than her head.

But now we're happy to announce that we've found another karaoke night (although every singer is pre-rehearsed and pre-picked). At Don Hill's, one Wednesday a month, Steve Blush has put together a night that's more fun and rocks harder than anything we've seen or heard in a long time. The band that plays the tunes is made up of Squeezebox Band veterans, including that great guitarist, David Matos, who rocks out with Bebe Buell. These guys know their metal, and they make every tune sound great­maybe even better than the original band that performed the song.

But here's the kicker: all the singers are chicks. And we're not just talking any girls here, but ones who can really sing. They're all pros, and even though their melons might not be as big as their heads, they can sing the pants off any of those other rocker chicks out there like Axl Rose, Vince Neil or Bret Michaels. We love "Bitch" Night at Don Hill's, and anyone who thinks this is just another annoying fad has got another thing coming!