As outcasts in the NYC underground of early 90's, the promoters of the long-running SqueezeBox Party at Don Hill's created a place they couldn't find in the NYC nightlife and in doing so threw out all the rules of sexuality and gender. Check out some typical press coverage in Billboard and The Daily News.

SQUEEZEBOX, THE MOVIE traces the seven-year history of the punk/drag NYC party, SqueezeBox. The story is told though interviews with celebrities, local New York club characters and performance footage.
Photos of Deborah Harry at various Squeezebox parties, from the book Blondie, from Punk to the Present: A Pictorial History.
The 10th Anniversary Squeezebox Party was held on Friday May 21 2004 featuring BOY GEORGE, LADY BUNNY, JIMMY JAMES, BEBE BUELL, JACKIE BEAT and others, with THE SQUEEZEBOX BAND and DJ MISS GUY.
A seventh anniversary / farewell Squeezebox Party was held on May 18 2001 featuring The Toilet Boys and a number of singers with the Squeezebox House Band.
In November 2001, one more Squeezebox Party served as a fund raiser for the production of SQUEEZEBOX, THE MOVIE, filmed entirely on location at Don Hill's
Photos by JUDGECAL of Squeezebox party, August 2000.